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Italian pasta maker Garofalo has been making high quality pasta since 1789 in Gragnano, the birthplace of pasta in Italy. Over 200 years of experience are a huge advantage in the development of the Garofalo Signature pasta ranges. Second and third generation workers have incorporated decades of knowledge in the art and skill
 of pasta making.

Making handcrafted pasta for Garofalo does not mean having out dated machines or producing product by hand, but knowledge, modern technology and a sound philosophy of production.

As artisans do, Garofalo carefully control every single aspect of the process until the final result is what they consider the absolute best pasta.

Pasta making the Garofalo Way

Pasta is simply made with water and durum wheat semolina and you can’t produce excellent pasta if the best wheat is not used. It is the quality and quantity of gluten present primarily that determines the quality of the wheat; Garofalo only use high quality durum wheat semolina that meets strictly controlled criteria for every pack of pasta with the Garofalo signature on it.

Once the paste is formed, it is extruded through a die to form the different shapes. Using a traditional die made from bronze results in slightly rough texture on the surface of the pasta allowing the sauce to cling to the pasta resulting in a lovely mix of pasta and sauce in each mouthful! The alternative is a die made from Teflon (cheaper than the bronze die), which gives smooth and slippery pasta surface. At Garofalo we use bronze dies.

The pasta then has to be dried. The temperature of the drying process and the time it takes is critical and controlled closely at Garofalo for the high quality of the final product.

Because Garofalo has nothing to hide, the pack design uses transparent packaging. There are no broken bits of pasta at the bottom of the pack. Garofalo also believes the pasta is beautiful to look at. 

Garofalo’s 5 Signature Pasta Ranges  are all available from Gustalia:

1.    Traditional Pasta

2.    Organic Traditional Pasta

3.    Organic Whole Wheat Pasta

4.    Gluten Free Pasta

5.    La Giostra dei Bambini / Children’s Organic Pasta

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Legume & Cereal Mafalda Corta
 Pasta Garofalo 
8 x 400g
 Pasta Garofalo 
8x 500g
Legume & Cereal Pennoni
 Pasta Garofalo 
10x 400g
 Pasta Garofalo  
24x 500g
Legume & Cereal Radiatori
10x 400g
Legume & Cereal Fusilli
 Pasta Garofalo 
10x 400g
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